Driver hurt after truck goes off overpass

Truck after it left bridge and crashed into embankment. Courtesy photo by Lisa Michelle Vasquez.

The driver of a trailer-hauling semi truck that went off a bridge near Acton was injured and taken to hospital Wednesday after firefighters worked to free the man trapped in the vehicle.

The vehicle’s cab was found crashed nose-first onto an embankment below the overpass.

“This was for a person trapped inside a vehicle,” Lozano said. “It was an overturned trailer. There was a request for an ambulance.”

The crash happened shortly after 3:40 p.m. Wednesday when the truck’s cab and its industrial trailer went over the side of the Red Rover Mine overpass that spans Highway 14, Vanessa Lozano, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Fire Department said.

Firefighters arrived at the single-vehicle traffic collision and found the driver trapped inside the truck’s cab.

“One patient was transported to the hospital,” Lozano said.

Emergency response crews were still at the scene an hour after the crash.

During that time, firefighters checked for any spills caused by the crash.  No spills were reported.


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