Opportunities for Learning charter school to request alternative certification at Hart Board meeting


Opportunities for Learning (OFL ) charter school will request to be certified as an “alternative” charter school during the William S. Hart Union School District Governing Board meeting Wednesday.

According to OFL’s website, the school is a free public charter school serving students in grades 7 to 12 who have fallen behind in school, are looking to graduate early or are seeking a non-traditional learning environment.

Under California Education Code, districts are required to use California’s accountability system for charter renewal which is considered difficult for those which serve “at risk” students.

OFL’s request would certify the charter school as an Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM), which would alter the school’s options for accountability when applying for charter renewal and revocation.

According to a report from OFL, 70.3 percent of its students are considered “at risk.”

These students are deemed “at risk” for being wards of the court, homeless, pregnant or parenting, having been suspended, having a probation officer, being enrolled for credit recovery, having multiple prior dropouts and being two or more years over age.

Schools under the ASAM certification have different options for accountability that reflect the needs of the alternative school, which serve students who have been unsuccessful at traditional schools or are “at risk” students.

These different options for accountability include: pro-rated for the actual amount of time that a student was enrolled in the alternative program; inclusion of dual enrollment; successful participation under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the Work Experience Education (WEE) program; and an industry-ready certificate, for example, CISCO certification.

The Coalition of Alternative Education Accountability (CAEA) believes its methods of charter school accountability “meet the guidelines of holding schools accountable for students’ growth and progress while not causing schools to be penalized for a prior school’s failure to help these students succeed.”

Additional Agenda Items

  • A presentation from Golden Valley High School Principal Sal Frias about school’s goals and unique programs for EL and LTEL students
  • A technology update from Jon Carrino, director of Technology Services, about the district’s technology integration, infrastructure, support and devices
  • Approve the final adoption of textbooks for grade 7 and 8 English and grade 11 and 12 Automotive Steering & Suspension
  • Change orders filed for Bowman High School portable classroom and office building project for installation of terminal cabinets and a conduit
  • Address a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Business Enhancement System Transformation (BEST) project for new, integrated Financial and Human Capital Management System

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