Steve Lunetta: Dumping political absurdity


Today I have many observations about this political season but no one topic worthy of an entire column. Hence the following is a grab-bag of unconnected political observations and thoughts.

I tried to get Uncle Earl to help me write this but he just shook his head and held up his hand. This stuff is too crazy even for him.

With Hillary’s rough week, polls are now showing Clinton and Trump are even. I am sitting on the fence.

I can’t vote for a man who supposedly abuses women, yet I can’t vote for a thoroughly corrupt politician. What is a good Reagan Republican to do?

Ironically, this may be one of the rare presidential campaigns where the vice presidential nominees really matter. I’d advise all of us to go and review those VP debates. We may be looking at our next president.

The last-minute “October Surprises” are going to come fast and furious this weekend. You watch. I am sure that each campaign had scheduled out hour-by-hour how news items are going to be released to the public about the opposing campaigns.

I am starting to wonder if we need to have a moratorium on political reporting for the week before an election. The gross manipulation of the public that occurs in the last few days is disgusting. Poor reporting, no verification, wild claims and no integrity are the norm.

Sometimes absurdity becomes an art form. The New York Times reported that after the email server issues came to light, Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, told staff to “dump emails.” Podesta told them to do this by email. By email. Because people might see emails. Like the one he is writing.

It doesn’t get much better. Or does it?

The drama with Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner has been an absolute gift to the Trump campaign. While Anthony was taking pix of his Little Tony, he was mixing up personal and private communications that are now public. Whoops.

It’s sad to think we have to rely on emails from a fellow with a clear sexual impulse problem to learn the truth about a presidential candidate.

Locally, we have our own drama. The Assembly race features one of the lowest and dirtiest campaigns I have ever seen. Besides outright distortions of factual information (commented on by The Signal), I saw a campaign flier with Republican candidate Dante Acosta’s picture obviously doctored to make him look like a criminal – dark, brooding and dangerous.

A candidate who would conduct such a dirty campaign I wouldn’t elect to the position of dog-catcher.

For Congress, Democrats couldn’t even find a local candidate to run against Republican Steve Knight. C’mon, Democrats. Why did you pick a West Los Angeles lawyer?

I would have chosen Gary Horton over Bryan Cafario any day.

I think I’m going to start saving all of the campaign literature that I receive. After the election is over, I am going to rate each politician on his or her fliers with regards to negativity. Then we’ll publish the data and let the public decide.

We have a stupid proposition system. There are 17 statewide propositions on the ballot. Here is a news flash: we live in a republic and not a democracy. We elect people to study and vote on these things for us. Every small issue should not be voted on by the public.

For example, condom use for porn stars. Why should we decide this? That is why we pay staffers in Sacto to study these issues, give the info to legislators who create policy and vote on it. We are woefully ignorant of most of these topics and are easily manipulated. That is the risk we are running.

Let our legislators deal with these things. If it’s a huge issue, then we vote. Otherwise, let legislators play with condoms. Wait. That did not come out right.

Vote no on Measures. All of them.

I saw the best campaign video on YouTube the other day. Republican Gerald Daugherty is running for re-election as a Travis County Commissioner in Texas. He is a total numbers nerd and very annoying.

At the end of the ad, his wife looks at the camera as Gerald is “helping” her with the laundry and pleads with voters, “please re-elect Gerald. Please.”

Happy Election Day and remember to vote. Buckle up. It’s going to get bumpy.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and will be watching all of the insanity on CNN and Fox. What fun! He can be reached at [email protected].

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