Terri Lovell: Trump in for a fight

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump smiles as he arrives to speak at an election night rally, early Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in New York. AP Photo

Nobody thought it was possible, but Donald Trump ripped the presidential election right out of Hillary Clinton’s hands on Tuesday night.

Winning the states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, Donald Trump was handed a mandate, according to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Though thousands of disillusioned college students are holed up in their safe spaces, the American people are breathing a huge sigh of relief and enjoying a renewed sense of hope.

Though they lost some seats, the House and Senate will remain under Republican control. Across the country, Republicans gained seats in both houses of state legislatures in historically Democrat states like Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Washington and Ohio.

Right here in Santa Clarita, Steve Knight held his seat in the House; Scott Wilk won his bid for the state Senate, and Dante Acosta won his bid for the state Assembly. Congratulations to all of them!

When it was clear that Hillary Clinton had lost the election, liberal New York Times pundit Paul Krugman tweeted, “America, we hardly knew ye. Certainly I misjudged the country. … I truly thought I knew my country better than it turns out I did.”

Liberals, elitists and the mainstream media are completely out of touch with the American electorate, yet they will never blame themselves for that disconnect.

The Democrats openly displayed their level of disdain for voters by nominating an exonerated criminal, Hillary Clinton, and expecting voters to hand her the presidency.

The Democrat strategy of labeling average Americans as racists and dividing the country along racial lines worked against them. Americans are fed up with the endless use of political correctness to quash free speech and steal our liberties.

Democrats see themselves as being smarter and more enlightened than the unwashed masses they rule. They see themselves as above the law and fail to recognize that the American people value the Constitution and the rule of law.

Without those foundations, we are nothing more than a banana republic.

On Wednesday morning, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave very gracious speeches about accepting the outcome of the election, coming together as Americans and giving the new president the opportunity to lead.

Although they sounded genuine, let’s not kid ourselves for one moment in believing that the Democrats led by Chuck Schumer in the Senate have any intention of working in a bipartisan manner with President Trump.

After Paul Krugman tweeted he had misjudged his country, he finished with something we must not dismiss: “The road back begins tomorrow.”

Let’s not forget: the Democrats are still leftist ideologues. They will not let this presidential election stop them from pushing their Marxist agenda.

They will do everything in their power to stop President Trump and take him down. I hope and pray the Republicans, and Mr. Trump, understand this and prepare themselves.

Hillary Clinton was thoroughly rejected. It is time for her to hang up her political boxing gloves. She needs to either go to jail or just go away.

Terri Lovell is a lifetime resident of Santa Clarita, a former home school mom, a current College of the Canyons student and a member of a local Republican club.

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