Editor’s Letter – Thanksgiving Feast


Crazy as this sounds, I already bought my Thanksgiving turkey (as I write this, about 10 days early).  I usually tend to wait to the last minute to purchase the bird because I would prefer a fresh one that I won’t have to defrost, but I can never find one small enough for my family (who quite frankly, doesn’t really like turkey to begin with). This year I found a frozen Butterball that weighed in at just under 10 pounds. Perfect. I noticed it was the only small one in the freezer at that time at the grocery store, so I snapped it up. My daughter lives close by so I snuck in her house and put it in her freezer!

This reminds me of the first Thanksgiving as a newlywed. I had no clue what to get, so I purchased a bird the size my mom used to buy. I proudly brought it home to my new husband who was instantly speechless. Finally, he asked if we were inviting people. I said no, why? “Because,” he said, “you bought a 20 pound turkey for two people.” We quickly invited family to join us.

I’m already getting excited about it. I will roast it with lemons, rosemary and garlic. Stuff it with my Italian mother-in-law’s rice and beef stuffing, and serve it up with mashed potatoes, candied yams, stuffed mushrooms, roasted sweet potatoes (yes, we make sweet potatoes 2-ways), Brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce. Oh, and the gravy, gallons of it!

It’s going to be quite a calorie fest. No worries, moderation is the key, until Christmas rolls around and we feast all over again!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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