The Holidays are Here!


I really need to clean out my front porch. On Halloween night while I was lighting a terracotta Jack-O-Lantern, I had the horrible realization that it had been left out all year! I had turned the Jack-O-Lantern’s face towards the wall and left it there and completely forgot about it. I also found a Styrofoam blue Easter egg; which obviously fell off of my Easter wreath from March, a glittery Christmas floral pick from last Christmas, and a tin star painted in red, white, and blue left over from the Fourth of July. At least I had the holidays covered. Now I know why we only had eight kids come to our door that night, my décor confused them!

Now that Halloween is over I can focus on birthdays and holidays.

Between My daughter’s birthday this month, my husband’s BIG birthday in December, and other holiday events and get-togethers, we will be pretty busy.

Lots to look forward to and fun family celebrations to plan.

Tell us about your holiday plans. How do celebrate? 400 words or less should do it and please include photos.

Until next week,

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