No Goodwill in Charity Scams

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Next time you plan on donating to a charity make sure the money is going to the right cause and not into a crook’s pocket.

In the charity scam, con artists prey on people who are generous with their money and are looking to contribute to an organization.

There are two kinds of charity scams. So-called charities can pop up overnight after a natural disaster or a tragic event but are actually run by fraudsters.

In other instances, there are well-established groups that use false or misleading advertising to solicit donations. They promise the money will be used a certain way but actually the funds go to enrich themselves, go to other items or underreported to state officials.


  • Do your research. Reputable charities tell how money is spent and if the donation is tax-deductible
  • Do not respond to emails or cold calls asking for contributions
  • Do not give cash donations

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