Officials to discuss legislation to create new water district


Water officials are expected to consider state legislation Wednesday that would finalize the merger of two local water interests and create one new all-encompassing water district.

Members of the Castaic Lake Water Agency board are scheduled to get together Wednesday night for a meeting open to the public where they will discuss legislation needed to secure the formation of a new water agency.

The meeting takes place at the CLWA’s Rio Vista Water Treatment Plant on Bouquet Canyon Road overlooking Central Park beginning at 6:15 p.m.

After a year of public debate over the Agency’s merging with SCV water retailer, the Newhall County Water District, the historic venture is on its way to becoming a reality.

Members of both the NCWD and CLWA boards moved last month to create one unifying water agency when they entered into a binding settlement agreement towards that end.

They voted on Dec. 13 to approve an agreement that would dissolve all civil litigation between the two agencies and compel them both to create a single agency.

The decision paved the way for a united front of water officials to pursue legislation that would allow it to operate as one agency when it comes to managing all aspects of water in the SCV, from water still in the ground to water that’s recycled.

The agreement to which water officials agreed, said in part: “A single entity would build on and lead to greater success in water conservation, groundwater management (including conjunctive management of groundwater and surface water supplies), and future recycled water expansion across the Santa Clarita Valley.”

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