Dogs maul woman in Bridgeport

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Two dogs are on death row today after attacking and mauling a woman who was walking her tiny Pomeranian in Bridgeport Wednesday afternoon.
“There was a German Shepherd attack yesterday afternoon involving two German Shepherds,” said Chris Kim, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.

The injured woman was taken by ambulance to the emergency room of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital after being attacked by the dogs shortly after 3 p.m.

She suffered several puncture wounds to her arms, buttocks and hip from bites inflicted by the attacking dogs as she held her 8-pound Pomeranian over her head to protect the smaller animal.

The victim, who did not want to be identified, told a neighbor that less than 10 minutes prior to the attack a boy was seen on the same street walking his dog.

“The dogs’ owner surrendered ownership of the dogs to the County(Animal Control),” Kim said.

They were placed in quarantine and are expected to be humanely killed.

“We don’t adopt these dogs out,” Kim said, referring to animals with a history of violence directed at people.

“There’s just too much liability,” he said. “Who’s to say there won’t be a repeat incident of violence?”


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  • billkealey

    OH MY GOD!!! GERMAN SHEPHERDS MUST NOW BE FEARED AND BANNED FROM EVERYWHERE JUST LIKE THOSE HORRIBLE PITBULL KILLING MACHINES!!! MOTHERS HIDE YOUR CHILDREN BECAUSE NOW NOT ONLY DO WE HAVE PITBULLS TO FEAR, BUT NOW IT’S GERMAN SHEPHERDS AS WELL!!! Oh but wait what about those stories of Chows, Great Danes, Alaskan Huskies……that have killed or maimed folks? OH MY GOD WE MUST BAN ALL DOGS OVER 10 LBS!!! There has been problems with almost every breed of dog. Obviously the bigger the dog the greater likelihood of more severe injuries. But I can tell you this, being an owner of a 100 lb pitty and having had many dogs of all sizes in my 58 years, small dogs are some of the most aggressive ones around! OH MY GOD WE MUST JUST BAN ALL DOGS NO MATTER THE SIZE!!! I know how rediculous the capitalized sentences sound, I just hope everyone else does too. As the case with many owners of the larger breeds, it mainly boils down to what kind of owner they are. For the most part all dogs are wonderful animals, it’s their owners that are the problem. OH MY GOD WE SHOULD JUST BAN PEOPLE……

    • starzowner

      Wow, angry much? I feel bad for this woman, I would have done same with my little 6 lb pom/chi cross. I blame the owner of these dogs for not having properly socialized them, for allowing them to be loose and now for their sure death. People really should not own animals if they know nothing about them, what their needs are and proper socialization into the human/pet world. Now this woman is suffering, the small dog is probably terrified and two German Shepherd dogs are going to be put to death. Hope this owner is heavily fined and told never to own dogs again!

      • billkealey

        No I’m not angry. I made the same point you did while pointing out how people overreact about certain dog breeds. My point was just like yours….it’s the knuckleheaded owners fault for the most part. These unfortunate incidents are not breed specific.

        • Desiree Kealey


    • Desiree Kealey


    • Debbie Bell

      Please keep posting, we love to get the perspective of those who want to continue the over breeding THE best dogs intentionally selected to mature to leave home AND KILL DOGS, the consistent choice of essentially all UK and NA dog fighters.

      We are curious about the thought process of those who want to support and promote dog fighting from coast to coast.

      We are interested in understanding how some people truly only care about self, ego and their ability to breed, own and monger a particular type of dog. These same people SAY they care about dogs but by mongering these game insane dogs to everyone, including those not equipped to provide safe homes, these mongerers become the primary source of the disproportionate suffering and death, both caused by and also suffered by pits/bullies.

  • TP

    There was a boy walking his dog too. Hmm , Timmy & Lassie didn’t witness this ? Did she notice the mini-van speeding to pick up schools kids as well ?

    • starzowner

      Seriously? Wth is wrong with you? Clearly she meant that on the same walk path there are children with their animals and it could have been a child attacked rather than her…you need help

      • TP

        A) There is a lot wrong with me, B) it was 10 minutes before the attack, C) To know me is to know my sense of humor and or sarcasm , star-judger

  • Marie

    Where in Bridgeport was this? These owners have to be held accountable. You know what kind of dog you have. Scary to think the dogs could’ve gone after the boy walking his dog. Probably would’ve had a worse outcome.

  • wooter

    Careless and irresponsible owners. If you can’t train and take care of a dog, you shouldn’t own one.

  • Bill Young

    This is serious business. 2 attack trained German Shepard were released from their owners home and brutally attacked this woman who, even while being mauled, managed to lift her pet above the danger. 1:The owners of the Attack dogs should be charged with attempted murder, and 2: The woman should be lauded for her selflessness and compassion to protect her pet while being mauled.

    Don’t make this a “don’t blame the breed” forum – let’s lock up these psychopath “owners.” Definitely reminds me of the Michael Vick story.

    • charles maurice detallyrand

      I’m sorry, you have evidence that these two dogs were trained to be “attack dogs” and that the owner willfully let the dogs out to the street in order to murder people?

      Can you provide some clarification?

  • Debbie Bell

    We need new laws that will help make dog owners/ dog handlers / dog users care enough to keep their dogs and our communities safe and PREVENT dog attacks in the first place.

    We need severe punishments, but prisons are overcrowded already, and too expensive as well.

    Fines alone aren’t working as the wealthy simply pay them and the poor simply don’t.

    Here’s a plan for an affordable, breed neutral law that, if publicized and enforced, will make a positive difference.

    Call these severe and fatal dog attacks on dogs, zoo-farm animals, humans, and on cats away from the dog’s property, what they are: felony

    IMMEDIATELY remove all dogs from the suspect owner/handler/user’s property and control.

    Found guilty, ban ALL the dog’s OWNERS, HANDLERS, USERS from ANY dog ownership for LIFE.

    The FBI recently added Animal Abuse to the crimes they track, so they can become the national registry.

    Severe punishment, if publicized and enforced, will make dog owners/ users start to pay attention.

    Signs must be posted on the property: No Dogs Permitted.

    Any dogs later found on their property or in their control shall be immediately confiscated.

    Since the convicted neglectful animal abusers will no longer have any dog related expenses, fines and restitution can be more readily paid.

    Some will say “but accidents happen!”
    Not if the dog’s owners care enough to prevent them!
    We must stop calling attacks “accidents” and start calling them “ANIMAL NEGLECT.”

    This proposed law will reduce the numbers of reactive or deadly dogs, as there will be less demand, therefore less breeding, and breeders of these dogs will learn to be selective of their customers or risk losing customers to the LIFETIME bans.

    Those who actually care about the power breeds will start to be honest about their unique management needs and their disproportionate dangers in order to prevent attacks and save lives (dog and people).

    It must be a severe punishment to make dog owners provide management every single day and PREVENT attacks.
    This law will help, and when enforced, it will reduce recidivism.

    So keep your dogs safe:

    Don’t want to muzzle your power dog in public? Think you can walk more than one power dog at a tim9
    Better think again.

    Think that you can let your dogs loose in your backyard, unsupervised while you are in the house or away from home? Perhaps you will care if you lose dog ownership privileges?

    Don’t want to sterilize your power dogs, even knowing that unneutered dogs attack more aggressively?
    What’s your ability to have any dogs worth to you?

    Does your son want you to board his dog for him?
    Are you certain that you and your fence can be 100% successful at keeping his dog contained?
    How will you feel if his dog’s escape results in a dead neighbor dog which in turn results in your permanent ban from any dog ownership or handling?

    Certain that your dog is safe with the visiting grand kids?
    How certain?

    Think your friends or family members are capable of keeping your dog safe while you’re out of town, or in the hospital?
    How much does boarding cost?
    What is the PRIVILEGE of dog ownership worth to you?

    • lynnf1954

      You’re right, it IS a privilege to share your home with a dog and there are many that do not regard it as a responsibility for another life, but that is not specific to one breed. If you read any of the rescue sites you can see that abuse and neglect cover a lot of breeds and species. Most communities have very adequate laws for dog containment and licensing, they just need to be enforced. As for myself, the only thing I would add to them is that all dogs should be spayed or neutered unless their owners are licensed and held to a strict standard, much stricter than Ag and Markets hold the puppy mills to now. I think every community should offer income based grants for desexing their dogs and cats and that animal control should have a much broader job description, including intervention with seeming neglectful owners who may have run into financial difficulties and cannot afford to fix a fence or get their dogs extraordinary vet care. AC should also be held to a high standard as to animal education, both current and ongoing. All dogs should be chipped, because regardless of how careful you are, accidents do happen and occasionally a dog will slip out. If they are chipped the dog can be returned and/or if their has been damage the owner can be held responsible.