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Are we being cheated, flimflammed, or are our representatives completely crazy? Maybe a little or a lot of each.

I keep hearing about how our state is deteriorating – streets falling apart, air quality poor, and so on.

Recently I heard on the news about the sad state of the streets in our state that are in such poor shape due to potholes that it will take millions upon millions of dollars to repair.

Where has all the money gone from statewide and local initiatives that have passed promising to fix our woes? The gasoline taxes for roads, for example.

Now pay attention to the following.

Citing a report dated June 19, 2014, by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the state of California has spent over $25.3 billion on illegal immigration. That’s billion with a capital “B,” and that was going on seven years ago. Another, more recent report put that tab at $113 billion.

All those billions of our tax money in the form of education (free!), health care (free!), law enforcement and social services (free!) went to the illegal aliens and their dependants.

The three million illegal immigrants and their 1.1 million U.S. born children cost the average California household $2,370 annually.  And these amounts go back to 2014.

While our state is falling apart and the state sinks billions of dollars into a worthless bullet train – which by the way is currently millions of dollars over budget – those mindless politicians and our ignorant governor are wasting billions upon billions of dollars on illegal immigrants instead of taking care of and fixing our state.

The illegal immigrants take a free ride on our tax dollars and the state is in shambles.  That’s what you get when you go for being a sanctuary city or state.

Those billions of dollars should go into what needs fixing first (first-responders, school teachers, veterans, senior citizens, etc.) – then what’s left over they can dole out to others.

I am sick and tired of all of the initiatives and special ballot issues. We do not need any more taxes to take care of anyone.  Let the state fork over some of the money they waste on illegal immigrants (billions) and start taking care of its own citizens.

I am truly for Donald Trump’s wishes to deport all immigrants who are here illegally. I am tired of my tax money being wasted on them. That is not why I pay taxes.

We should have a say on what and where our taxes go. They should not be used on illegal immigrants.

Dick Cesaroni is a Saugus resident.

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  • charles maurice detallyrand

    Can you think of any idea why it might be a terrible idea not to treat the health of immigrants?

    • Gil Mertz

      “permanent underclass in American society” AKA Democratic voters.

      This is the one and only reason Democrats are obsessed with open borders. As more Americans are seeing the light from the failed Democratic policies as evidenced by their rejection on every political level, Democrats must find fresh meat to survive. What better target than under-educated, ill-informed, easily-frightened, and government-dependent illegal immigrants and their families?

      And Chuck, we noticed that you purposely omitted the word “illegal” when describing immigrants as the writer specifically identified. You and your fellow Democrats often mix those two terms as though there’s no difference. Despite the lies and hysteria created by your party, there is NO ONE opposed to immigrants coming to America – legally. Why is the “legal” part so difficult for you to accept?

      • lois eisenberg

        “There but for the grace of God, go you”

      • charles maurice detallyrand

        lol ok Gil so many strange assertions I don’t even know where to begin. If it makes you feel any better go ahead and amend my statement to read “illegal immigrants” if you prefer. I didn’t realize the term immigrants excluded illegal immigrants but ok sure man. I also don’t recall advocating for an open border however but go ahead believe whatever you like. Are there any Democrats advocating for open borders? I don’t seem to remember that being an actual position anyone taking, I’ve never really heard that argued outside of say hardcore libertarian circles?

        Do you ever try thinking about where your conspiracy theories lead to as logical conclusions? There certainly is a political party that consistently uses scare tactics, hysteria, lies, and scapegoating to rally their base.

        • Gil Mertz


          • charles maurice detallyrand

            “What better target than under-educated, ill-informed, easily-frightened, and government-dependent ”

            Yes it’s all a part of a master plan by democrats. Give the children of illegal immigrants an education to keep them enslaved, keep them ill informed. Allow them the dignity of access to healthcare, to keep them easily frightened. Treat them like human beings and not refer to them as if they’re the cause of America’s problems and trick people to have policies which have tangible benefits for society at large muhwhahahahaha….

            You know who is someone who is under-educated, ill-informed, easily frightened, and I might add easily enraged? A person who consistently gets basic facts wrong yet complains about “FAKE

        • Gary Bierend

          charles maurice detallyrand: “I didn’t realize the term immigrants excluded illegal immigrants but ok sure man.”

          Let me help you out with a simple mnemonic charles; it’s just like the distinction between “driver” and “drunk driver”.

          I hope this helps you moving forward.

    • lois eisenberg

      Charles you hit it out of the ball park again !

      • charles maurice detallyrand

        It’s almost as if actual governance requires more than just screaming political slogans all the time. Who would have thought?

        • Ron Bischof

          It certainly wasn’t a thought entertained by Ashley Judd.

  • lois eisenberg

    “We should have a say on what and where our taxes go. They should not be used on illegal immigrants.”
    “We should have a say on what and where our taxes go.”
    And I say our taxes shouldn’t go to the inept, wimpy, Congress who don’t have the
    backbone to do the right and humane things to HELP other human beings in need.

  • lois eisenberg

    “There but for the grace of God, go you”

  • lois eisenberg

    “Ben Carson’s a disgrace for calling slaves immigrants”
    No tax money to pay this ignoramus’s salary. !!

  • Ron Bischof

    This issue is quite simple.

    Legal immigration: Yes.

    Illegal immigration: No

    • Gil Mertz

      You’re missing the point Ron. If you’re for legal immigration, it means you’re against all immigrants, any time and from anywhere and for any reason. This is the “brand” from the DNC talking points which the media follows diligently.

      It’s the exact same thing with the “travel ban”. We all know this is only an extra step for vetting and only for those in the most terrorist prone countries. But the term “travel BAN” sounds so much more ominous and mean-spirited which helps advance the narrative for Democrats and their allies in the media who need these future voters.

      Remember in the marriage debate it was never about preserving natural marriage, it was always about “BANNING gay marriage” or “anti-gay” legislation. That was the brand the “free press” adopted to advance their agenda.

      Same was true about stem cell research. The only progress we’ve ever seen in stem cell research is from adult stem cells which does not require the destruction of an embryo. There has been ZERO progress in embryonic stem cell research. Democrats know this so they purposely combine the two and just call it “stem cell research” without differentiating.

      Democrats never ask themselves if this branding is true or accurate, only if it works.

  • Smith Mike

    It must be one lip biting experience after another to live in Mexifornia. It’s been all but conceded back to Mexico.

    • Brian Baker

      Yeah, no kidding.

  • lois eisenberg

    “House Republicans released their disastrous plan to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. It puts at risk the health coverage of millions of Americans while handing more than $465 billion in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and the biggest health insurance and prescription drug corporations.”

  • lois eisenberg

    “Guantanamo for years, immediately debunked donald’s tweet, noting that it was actually Bush who released nearly all of the 122 detainees. Obama released only nine of them”
    Per donald: Obama released 122 detainees. Another lie by the master of lies !!

  • Charles Brown

    Excellent article. The Federal Government needs to do their job and deport all of these illegal aliens and their families from the United States. NO AMNESTY.

  • lois eisenberg

    Don’t tax us to pay the salaries of the inept Congress!
    We need to deport them !

  • kim mullins

    I have NO sympathy for illegal aliens or their children whom they birthed with the explicit intention to anchor them to our country to take advantage of our social programs intended for US citizens. The more sob stories I hear about them the angrier I get. They are not citizens of this country and they shouldn’t be getting our tax dollars. Period.