Which eatery would you like to see open a new location in the SCV?

By Signal Staff

Last update: Saturday, March 18th, 2017

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Which eatery would you like to see open a new location in the SCV?

Customers wait outside Santa Clarita's new Cheesecake Factory for lunch on Tuesday, the long-awaited restaurant's opening day. Katharine Lotze/Signal

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  • Darren Hernandez

    California Chicken Cafe. Ymmmmm.

  • lois eisenberg


  • John Sweeney

    TiTo’s Tacos

    • Ron Bischof


    • Lauri Carr-Brodie

      that would be so bad for my diet but oh so delicious !!!

  • Frank Rizzo

    Porto’s is way way over hyped. I wont wait in line for bland food

  • Frank Perez
    • Mike

      sadly Franky, they gave a gracious reply to our many requests, but it added up to SCV just not making sense for them to move into. They opened up in a dense part of the OC not that long ago and as a private family owned thing, probably going to take them a long time to generate capital for any further expansion.

  • Ralph Nazarian

    the spegetti factory

    • Chris Gately

      I like this suggestion.

    • Joe Manfredo


  • Brenna Robinson McNeil


  • Mike

    why is this list so short? And listing Portos is kind of cruel, you do know Portos has given a very thorough answer on this already right? Short version being “thank you sincerely for your enthusiam but the numbers just don’t work for us there, but join us in an extremely densely populated part of the OC for our grand opening of our new location”. Which does make sense for them, on the face of it all.

  • Chris Gately

    Can you add an other place for write-ins?

  • Amanda Bare

    Gluten-free resturant. Due to cross contamination people with bad celiac have less than a dozen “possibly safe” places.

  • Chris Gately

    Ruth’s Chris
    House of Blues – Would be nice to see a Music Venue
    Friday’s and El Torito – Just to be cruel.

    • Ron Bischof

      LOL at the last two on your list!

  • Carol Garcia

    King Taco
    Hard Rock Cafe
    Church’s Fried Chicken

  • Mathew Juarez

    Urban Plates, There is a couple in LA area’s but it would do really well in SCV.

  • Greg

    Home Restaurant (like the one in Los Feliz)

  • Randi L. Leszczynski

    Mendocino Farms

  • Joe Manfredo

    phil’s bbq

  • Joe Manfredo

    Joe’s crab shack

  • Steve Elzer




Signal Staff

Signal Staff