MannKind Corp. to sponsor TV series on tackling diabetes

Celebrity chef Charles Mattocks will host "Reversed," a new show on dealing with diabetes. Courtesy photo.

MannKind Corp. will sponsor a new television series this summer on the effects of poorly managed diabetes and its impact on people with the disease.

“Reversed” will air on Discovery Life Channel. It was created and will be hosted by Charles Mattocks, a celebrity chef and diabetes advocate.

“MannKind is continually seeking platforms to increase awareness around the challenges, opportunities and success people living with diabetes encounter on a daily basis,” said Michael Castagna, the company’s chief commercial officer, in a statement.

The show will follow the lives of individuals affected by diabetes and their struggle to change their diet, exercise and mindset about the disease. It will feature experts such as diabetes educators, endocrinologists, therapists, nutritionists, and trainers, as well as celebrity guests who are also living with diabetes, to help encourage the contestants.

Mattocks, a nephew of Bob Marley, said, “My uncle made an impact on the world through music and my vision is to impact health. ‘Reversed’ is about changing the behavior of those with diabetes.”

MannKind, the Valencia-based maker of Afrezza, an inhalable form of insulin, is working with Mattocks’ production company, Bella & Elle Media LLC.

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