Shot fired after vehicle cuts off SUV

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station deputies organize a search for spent shell casings along Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country Saturday night. (Austin Dave/The Signal)

A car to car shooting occurred on Soledad Canyon Road and Kenroy Avenue in Canyon Country Saturday night after the victim accidentally cut off the suspect’s vehicle, according to law enforcement officials.

“The victim reported that he was traveling eastbound on Soledad Canyon Road in the area of Galeton Road,” said Sgt. Brian Hudson with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.

“It appears (the victim) unintentionally cut off the suspect’s vehicle as he merged into the number two lane from the number three lane.”

The vehicle that was cut off, a black Lincoln SUV, began tailgating the victim’s car, eventually passing him.

A Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputy searches the median along Soledad Canyon Road Saturday night. (Austin Dave/The Signal)

“The suspect’s vehicle eventually slowed down on the driver’s side of the victim’s vehicle,” said Sgt. Hudson.

The two were passing Canyon Country Park at the time when the suspect lowered his passenger’s side window.

“The victim then heard a gunshot, and saw a muzzle flash from inside the suspect’s vehicle,” said Sgt. Hudson.

The victim continued driving eastbound on Soledad Canyon Road and pulled into the Von’s parking lot on Soledad Canyon Road and Kenroy Avenue where he then called law enforcement.

The suspect’s vehicle continued to drive eastbound on Soledad Canyon Road.

No one was injured in the incident.

According to officials, neither the bullet nor the suspect’s vehicle ever make contact with the victim’s car.

No arrests have been made in relation to the shooting.

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