Sally White: The Science Lady and climate change


The coincidence of two seemingly unrelated articles in The Signal this Thursday does provide food for thought.

On Page 1 we have a marvelous description of how Vicki White (sadly, no relation), also known as the “Science Lady,” wows kids at camp. Vicki brings “experiments and fun to students of all ages through science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics education,” to quote Christina Cox of The Signal.

How wonderful, I say! So does 9-year-old Annalisa Phelps, who is quoted as saying, “I like learning new things.” This is pure joy to hear!

How important it is to get youngsters interested and knowledgeable about all of these important subjects. Bravas to Vicki White!

When I reached Page 6, however, and read Mr. Comer’s letter to the editor, “Chill out, climate change worriers,” denying the important findings of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, and calling into disregard Cher Gilmore’s recent column “’We the people’ must solve climate change,” I was terribly saddened.

Perhaps the Science Lady needs to expand her teaching to include classes for adults who – while they may be users of all forms of new technology such as the iPhone, perhaps a GPS, computer, or may have benefited from medical equipment capable of providing diagnosis of disease – are still willing to remain in the “dark ages” of science when it comes to our planet’s most important issue, the climate.

Dear Vicki White, if you happen to be reading, please give great thought to expanding your classes to include adult education. I’d love to sign up.


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