Saugus snowboarder wins national competition

Saugus resident Kinsley White, center, holds the prize for winning the best trick competition at the USA Snowboard and Freeski halfpipe competition on Monday. Courtesy photo.

It didn’t take snowboarder Kinsley White long to perfect her frontside 540.

So when it came to the USA Snowboard and Freeski halfpipe competition on April 3 at Copper Mountain, Colorado, the trick came naturally. The Saugus resident nailed it on the first try and subsequently earned a national title.

“It was a big relief (after I landed),” White, 13, said, “because then I was able to finish the rest of my run knowing that I landed the biggest trick.”

White competed against around 25 snowboarders in the Breaker division, which is comprised of girls age 12 to 13.

She also took home the Best Trick award for her frontside 540, an award given out on each day of competition to only one rider.

“I’m more proud of the best trick because there was only one best trick award for that day,” White said. “So not only was it in my division, but it was older kids and younger kids as well.”

White also took home second in the rail jam and slopestyle events.

“I’m really happy and really lucky to be able to compete against the best people in my age group in the U.S.,” White said. “To win is just really awesome.”

White began snowboarding at 3 years old, but didn’t start competing until she was 7. At that age, she joined the snowboarding team at Mammoth Mountain, which she still works with today.

White, a home-schooler, spends an average of five days a week training in the snow at Mammoth, living in her family’s condo or staying with friends. When she’s in Santa Clarita, she works out at Ignition Fitness.

This year was also White’s first in the Revolution Tour, a series of competitions sponsored by US Snowboarding. Winning in the “Rev” Tour can secure a place in bigger events like the Winter X Games or the U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix.

White competed in the Grand Prix earlier this year and has hopes of someday riding in the X Games and the Winter Olympics.

“I enjoy snowboarding so much,” White said. “It’s so fun for me, and I’m able to ride with my friends and people from all over the world and meet new people every year. That’s what I enjoy most about it.”

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