Ailing Santa Clarita girl in desperate need of blood

Lilly Whitaker with her dad, Brian. Courtesy photo

Family and friends are rallying around eight-year-old Lilly Whitaker today in a vigorous effort to save the Santa Clarita girl’s life by getting people to donate blood.

Lilly, reported at noon Thursday to be in critical condition at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, suffered a chest virus recently that has since created serious medical heart problems for her, according to a family friend trying to bring attention to her urgent need for blood.

“A blood clot entered her lower left ventricle,” Kirk Stinson told The Signal Thursday morning.

“Everyone is on edge,” he said.

The little girl’s parents, Brian and Danielle Whitaker, are just devastated, Stinson said.

“This is a perfectly healthy girl who had a virus in her chest and is now like this,” he said.

Although the family needs blood described as AB Negative, they are encouraging everyone to donate blood that can be “traded” for the blood she needs.

Stinson is now trying to figure out a way to bring a blood drive truck to the SCV where “several people want to donate blood” but are unable to make the trip to Children’s Hospital.

“We’ll take any blood,” Stinson said. “They’ll trade it.”

Anyone wanting to donate blood is urged to call the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Blood Donor Center, on 4650 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles at 323-361-2441

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