Golden Valley students trade buses for trains to travel to prom

Golden Valley High School students on the Metrolink train to Hollywood. Courtesy of Metrolink
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Dressed to impress, more than 500 students from Golden Valley High School hopped on a chartered Metrolink train to travel from Santa Clarita to Los Angeles and then to Madame Tussauds Hollywood.

On Saturday, the students left from the Santa Clarita Station before arriving at Union Station, according to Metrolink’s Assistant Public Affairs Officer Scott Johnson.  The students then transferred to the Metro Red Line to travel to Hollywood and Highland.

At midnight, the prom guests once again boarded the Metrolink train at Union Station to return home.

Golden Valley High School students arrive at Union Station. Courtesy of Metrolink

“They all really loved it,” said Vince Wheeler, account clerk of Golden Valley High School and adviser to the school’s ASB (Associated Student Body).

According to Wheeler, a William S. Hart Union High School District policy requires all schools within the district to provide transportation for their students to and from their prom venues.

Instead of taking the traditional school buses or chartered buses, the school opted to take the Metrolink train and Metro Rail to save money and keep students safe.

“We first used Metrolink for prom two years ago when our venue was at Union Station,” Wheeler said.  “The charter buses are really pricing us out and, since we used the Metrolink beforehand, we thought we’d give it a shot and see how it works out.”

Golden Valley High School students on the Metrolink train to Hollywood. Courtesy of Metrolink

And—after six months of organization and communication between Wheeler, Metrolink and Metro Rail—the transportation alternative turned out to be a huge success among Golden Valley’s students.

“I did talk to a group of 20 to 30 students after the event and asked them what they’d prefer,” Wheeler said.  “They all preferred to take the trains.  It was easier, more comfortable… they liked that they could sit with their friends and weren’t confined to one space.”

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