Lean May agendas make way for June budget, Mayor says

Santa Clarita Mayor Camron Smyth takes comment cards during public comments at the City Council meeting on in Jan. 2017. Dan Watson/The Signal
The only new business the city council will see next Tuesday is the purchase of the city’s streetlight system from Southern California Edison. Santa Clarita’s streetlight system contains 16,125 poles and will cost $9,573,728 to acquire from the utility company. According to City Special District Manager Kevin Tonoian, the city’s purchase of the streetlights will save money and energy, as they will switch to LED lights. Traditional streetlights last an average of 24,000 hours or six years, where LED lights last 100,000 hours or 15 years. This also reduces greenhouse gases by 60 percent, he said. “First and foremost, it provides the city with local control of the city streetlight assets,” Tonoian said. “Financially, the city will be able to operate the streetlight system for an amount that is less than what it costs Southern California Edison to operate.” Other than this item, the agenda is all housekeeping. According to Mayor Cameron Smyth, it is standard for May agendas to be lighter in preparation for fiscal deadlines the following month. “I think the agenda is pretty lean for this meeting because we’ll be going into budget in June,” Smyth said. For the last few meetings, agendas have been put on the backburner to focus on preparing the budget, the mayor said. “That’s been the focus of our staff for the past couple months, making sure the budget is ready for review,” he said. “Everyone’s got their heads down so we can meet the fiscal deadline.” gender@signalscv.com 661-287-5525 On Twitter as @ginaender


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