Saugus schools to get spruced up during summer break

Saugus Union School District office. Dan Watson/The Signal

It’s spring cleaning time as schools let out for the summer, placing several repair and upgrade items on the Saugus Union School District Governing Board’s agenda to approve at its regular meeting Tuesday night.

The public will also have a chance to review the proposed school budget for 2017/2018.

Engaging a consulting firm, the school board is recommending needed repairs to flooring, at a cost not to exceed $5,000, as result of increased moisture seeping up from the concrete foundation at Bridgeport Elementary this year. This year’s rains are believed to be the cause.

With 15 elementary schools in the district to maintain, the school board is recommending it accept bids on several other projects at schools, including:

  • Replace ramp and ramp supports at James Foster in rooms 25, 26 and 27; at Highlands in rooms 32 and 33; at Santa Clarita in rooms 17, 24 and 25; and at Emblem Academy in rooms 37 and 38. The metal frames and wood decks are damaged and deteriorating beyond repair.  Replacement is expected to cost $42,843.
  • Replace peeling paint on wood trellis and lunch shelter at Plum Canyon Elementary School, as well as replace some wood due to dry rot. The expected project cost is $10,962.
  • Replace sand under playground equipment in the Rio Vista and Cedarcreek Child Development Programs’ play yards with rubberized surfacing under the play equipment. The cost is expected to run $31,327.45.
  • Install and replace worn carpet in various portables that will be used as classrooms next year. Carpet should be installed in rooms 1 through 5, 37, 38, 40 and 41 and the computer lab at Emblem, and in room 24 at Highlands. The board also recommends carpet tiles in entry ways to eliminate the need for floor mats to avoid slips and falls from wet floors. The expected expense of $30,479.17 will come from the district’s Deferred maintenance Fund.
  • Peeling paint and tiles dislodging from the walls in the lower pod restaurant at Helmers Elementary School will be removed and repaired. Damaged drywall will be replaced and fiberglass reinforced paneling along all walls will be installed. The $11,800 fee will also include cleaning the restroom up.
  • Repair damaged concrete and asphalt from roots at Rio Vista Child Development Programs; adjust the door threshold to the elevator machine room at Skyblue Mesa to prevent water from entering; repair Rosedell’s cracked concrete curb and ramp; replace root-damaged concrete panels at North Park. Total expected cost is $40,380.
  • Install stamped concrete in between the parking lot and street to help beautify and stop dirt from being tracked onto the sidewalk at Rio Vista Elementary. The district reports people walking on the existing plants preventing them growing. The cost to replace is $17,028.90.

Separately, the board will review a proposal from Sage Renewable Energy Consulting to do a feasibility study for a solar photovoltaic energy generation project on up to 17 school sites.

Two schools are also requesting board approval for special educational events.

Mountainview Elementary is requesting to take their sixth grade students to the High Trails Outdoor Science School in the San Bernardino National Forest next year from March 27-30, 2018. Students will be raising funds to cover the $240 per student tuition.

Charles Helmers School is requesting to participate in the PAC K-12 Arts Education Outreach program, LA Opera’s In-School Program for grades 4 and 5. Total fees not to exceed $2,100 will be covered by the sites Gifts and Donations budget.

The board is also being asked to approve Memorandum of Understandings for the upcoming year between the school district and Saugus Teachers Association as it relates to allowing teachers time for planning designing lesson plans; as well as a second agreement – which was ratified by the teachers group – to address other employee issues such as a revised parental leave policy (formerly known as maternity leave).

Finding it difficult to fill the job for a Bond Project Manager for Measure EE, the district is asking the board to create new position instead – Director, Project Management – and increase the salary up to $161,948, including benefit costs.

The new position will report to the Director of Facilities, Construction, and Modernization, expanding that role and necessitating a $17,012 increase per year (including benefit costs). Salary costs are funded by Measure EE.

The board is also expected to ratify an agreement made with Keenan & Associates to conduct a Threat and Physical Security (TaPS) Assessment for the 15 elementary schools within the district at a fee of 17,736.

And it is being asked agree to a contract, not to exceed $10,000, to Pillsbury Winthrop Shall Pittman for providing legal environmental compliance counseling.

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