“Full review” of Cierzan case underway at sheriff’s station

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station can be reached by calling 661-260-4000.


Officials at the local sheriff’s station have launched a “full review” of how they handled the William Cierzan missing person case after the missing man’s wife filed a formal complaint.

On Jan. 26, William John Cierzan, 58, vanished from his home on Cuatro Milpas Street, near Seco Canyon Road, in Saugus.

On Thursday, the sixth month anniversary of his disappearance, Cierzan’s wife Linda filed an official complaint with the local sheriff’s deputies.

“The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station has been made aware of a complaint that was filed by Ms. Cierzan pertaining to a sworn member of the Department,” Shirley Miller, sheriff’s spokeswoman told The Signal Monday.

“We take all matters regarding our personnel’s performance very seriously and have initiated a full review to ensure that proper protocol was followed,” she said.

Linda Cierzan told The Signal Friday: “I did file a complaint at the Sheriffs Station yesterday, against the original deputy who took the Missing Persons Report that Thursday night.

“I feel that if she had done her job properly, she would have seen the blood and detectives would have been called in that night, instead of 24 plus hours later,” she said.

Det. Ralph Hernandez of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Homicide Bureau two months ago revealed blood evidence collected inside the Cierzan house revealed that the blood belonged to Will Cierzan.

“The blood stains found in the home came back to Will,” he said at the time. “And, we also found his blood at a location outside of his home.”

Hernandez did not disclose where the blood found “outside of his home” had been found.

“The evidence indicates that an assault did occur,” Hernandez said earlier this month.

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