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Have you ever wondered why there is so much division in our society? It stems from Washington, and it’s choking our national serenity. Nancy MacLean, the author of “Democracy in Chains – the radical right’s stealth plan for America,” explains that it’s the Libertarians who dominate the Republicans now and exert deep-rooted domination over GOP leaders.

They feel aristocracy must always be able to control “too much democracy” by preventing the masses from ever voting to place new taxes on the privileged rich.

She forecasts the devastating effects in store for society if a new Libertarian social contract is realized. It will force America to plunge deep into austerity.

Like a 5th column, it has taken money and years for the Libertarian Koch brothers to infiltrate the Republican party and take control of Congress. With Donald Trump and a majority of Republicans now in the House and Senate, Libertarians feel the time is ripe to force an article V, constitutional convention to “fix” the constitution of the United States. They hope to force the federal government to operate only under a balanced budget (without the ability to raise taxes.)

While the ‘fix” may sound like an honorable pursuit to the average untrained ear (“Yeah, who indeed wants to pay taxes?”), 30 states have already been cajoled by the Koch brothers into asking for such a convention (and only 34 are needed). It’s a sinister attempt by Libertarians to mentally detach themselves from humanity while summarily profiting from humanity.

The crisis comes when government starts to need money in response to emergencies. When the next calamity hits, a recession, a war, or when a natural disaster hits, money won’t be there.

With Congress unable to raise taxes and with low tax revenues disappearing, our social safety nets, the only remaining sources for funds, will quickly be attacked and depleted. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will be the ripe apples ready to be plucked.

Libertarians want nothing more than to stop governments from taxing them, to stop paying tax money on any and all social programs by either cutting them out or privatizing them regardless of how society is affected.

Libertarians want no barriers on free enterprise that limits their economic freedom but “want control to divide others, to limit their freedom in the name of ensuring their own liberty.”

That’s the end-game.

Now that the Koch brothers own the Republican Party, anyone speaking against Libertarian wishes is immediately destined to be disenfranchised. Even Republicans, who are in favor of public social programs, are afraid of their wrath and now speak in line with their agenda.

Nancy asserts, “Without social programs, the sick, the poor, the old and middle-class will be forced to fend for themselves, take the brunt of the changes or die as the top 1 percent rich and reap the benefits of no taxation.” Under the “fixed” constitution, public institution will be claimed to be “unaffordable” and disappear.

“The United States will end up looking more like Texas” is the brazen prediction of Tyler Cowen, the man who now directs the Koch Brother’s base learning camp at George Mason University in Virginia. With the “rewriting of the social contract” underway, people will be expected to fend for themselves much more than they do now.”

While some will flourish, he says, “Others will fall by the wayside. And because ‘worthy individuals’ will manage to climb their way out of poverty, that will make it easier to ignore those who are left behind.”

“People who have had their government benefits cut or pared back should pack up and move to lower-cost states like Texas,” Cowen said. Granted, he says, “Texas is skimpy on welfare benefits and Medicaid coverage, and nearly three in ten of its residents have no health insurance, but the state does have jobs and ‘very cheap housing’ to offset its ‘subpar public services.”’

A fifth-column assault on our democracy? Shameful!

“As Trump tries to continue with his shock politics as each new crises hits, and tries to ram through draconian libertarian measures, an emerging resistance is poised to rise up in the streets and act as a human barrier.

Crowds, chanting in the streets, don’t want to be ruled by the eight richest people on the planet; they want “democracy now,” not with the old Democratic Party but a new order of liberalism with freedom and justice for all.

Gerald Staack is a Santa Clarita resident.

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