Gil Mertz: Which appears most guilty?

College of the Canyons students watch the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Clinton outpolled Trump among local voters last week. Katharine Lotze/Signal

In the media’s latest feeding frenzy over the Russian collusion hoax, they are now obsessed with a string of emails from Donald Trump Jr. and about a 20-minute meeting he had with a lawyer from Russia over a year ago that resulted in … nothing.

I am not defending Trump Jr., but is there anyone on earth who would question if the Clinton camp would have done exactly the same thing? My beef is how differently the media is reacting to this email scandal compared to that of Hillary Clinton.

One of these two spent his entire life in real estate and is a political novice. The other was a sitting Secretary of State with a long history of political scandals.

One immediately and voluntarily offered up the emails for all the world to see. The other deleted over 30,000 of her emails, had her private server wiped with Bleachbit, had her aides destroy several devices with hammers, as well as some devices that were surrendered were missing SIM cards while another laptop was “lost” in the mail.

Which of these two posed the greatest risk to America’s security? Which of these two made the cover of TIME magazine as guilty? Which of these two did Democratic Senator Tim Kaine suggest might be guilty of treason while proudly embracing the other as his running mate? Which of these two will be the subject of the “Special Counsel’s” investigation? Which of these two almost became president?

The one most guilty of treason is today’s media darling for the way they continue to keep the truth from the American people to advance their personal, political ideology.

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