Sheriff’s Suppression Team disarms SCV, seizes weapons

One of the weapons seized during latest Summer Suppression Team patrol. photo courtesy of the SCV Sheriff Station.


The no nonsense 4-man Summer Suppression Patrol Team at the local sheriff’s station, that carried out successful monthly back-to-back patrols in targeted crime areas and made it clear at the beginning of the summer it would continue its “zero tolerance” of crime policy, focused recently on weapons.

The specialty team of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station turned its attention last week to disarming the SCV and, as a result, came away with a bag of confiscated weapons.

“The SCV Sheriff’s Suppression Team deputies may be keeping a low profile, but know they are out there and they are making a difference,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Shirley Miller wrote in a post placed on the station’s social media.

weapon seized during latest Summer Suppression Patrol Team effort. photo courtesy of the SCV Sheriff Station.

During a four-day time period last week, the sergeant and four deputies made quite the impact on crime, Miller reported.

“They were successful in getting dangerous weapons off the streets,” she reported.

The team “made numerous arrests for drugs including methamphetamine, marijuana, and heroin,” she added.

And, “zero tolerance” means zero tolerance.

When the team found someone drinking in the park they issued citations – someone seen trespassing, a citation.

And, when the team found someone urinating in public – you guessed it – a citation.

In its rigorous patrol of the SCV, the Suppression Team found at least four people who had warrants for their arrest.

“Two of the warrants were for driving under the influence of alcohol in the amounts of $75,000 and $100,000,” Miller wrote in her post

“Another $60,000 warrant was for an individual who had failed to register as a sex registrant,” she wrote.

“We have been very fortunate to have the team as a resource in the county areas this summer. Holding people accountable for their actions, getting dangerous weapons off the street – making a difference,” she wrote.

Captain Robert Lewis initiated the suppression patrol soon after stepping into SCV’s top cop position about four months ago. The first suppression patrol went into effect in May, netting three arrests.

The idea behind the “suppression patrol” strategy was to identity areas showing a higher incidence of crime and then dispatch a team of patrol deputies to concentrate on those areas.

In May, deputies carried out “suppression patrols” in response to a rash of overnight commercial burglaries. They made at least three arrests and halted what they believe to have been a continuing crime trend.

In June, Sgt. Brandon Barclay and his “Summer Suppression Patrol” Team issued more than 70 citations for misdemeanor offences in addition to out-and-out arrests.

It’s a zero-tolerance approach to crime, he told The Signal at the time.

Regardless of the offence – whether it’s public urination or trespassing – “zero tolerance” is zero tolerance.

Reflecting on the first patrols carried out by his team, Barclay told The Signal at the end of June: “The citations are for panhandling, loitering, for people speeding. It’s to show there’s enforcement out there.”

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