Child & Family Center to launch substance use treatment program

The Child & Family Center. Signal file photo

Santa Clarita’s Child & Family Center will soon offer outpatient substance use treatment services through their new six-month program.

Adolescents and young adults with primary substance use disorders can start treatment as soon as Oct. 3 when the center premiers the program.

Child & Family Center got their Drug Medi-Cal Certification in July after applying last year, allowing them to start offering these services.

“It is exciting because it opens up a whole new type of service we can offer to the community,” Cheryl Jones, Child & Family Center’s Vice President of Marketing and Community Outreach said.

Often, a teen or young adult who is using substances has an underlying problem, so the program works to address both the substance abuse and the deeper issue, according to Jones.

By giving clients knowledge and support, the program aims to reduce harm from drugs and alcohol and aids in long-term recovery, according to the Child & Family Center.

The program includes individual therapy, an assessment, treatment planning, relapse prevention, group services, patient education, family therapy, collateral services, crisis services, case management and aftercare services.

To be eligible for the program at the center, clients must have a third-party payer, be a Los Angeles County resident and have had a physical within the past year or receive one within 30 days of enrollment.

Clients ages 12 to 17 will get up to six hours of treatment each week and those 18 to 25 can receive up to nine hours.

Treatment direction and duration are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on each client’s needs.

Child & Family Center currently offers outpatient therapy, but not as intensely or as oriented to substance use as this program will be, Jones said.

The center is now accepting new clients for intake and assessment.

For more information on the outpatient substance use program, call (661) 481-2801.

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