Glenda Johnson: We don’t owe Dreamers anything

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Am I possibly the only U.S. citizen who wearies of being told what U.S. citizens owe the “dreamers” simply because they were brought as children to our country by law-breaking adults? We have accepted them as children, have educated them (200,000 in California alone), allowed them the many benefits of this state and nation.

Now we are subjected to demonstrations of waving flags (usually not our own “Stars & Stripes”), often with signs and shouts (not in English), telling us what we still owe them. The question I have is: what is still owed to them?

And why, when they are raised and educated, is it not time for them to pay back by returning to their land of birth to make it a better country? They should be influencing their homeland itself to become a great nation, with all of the wonderful opportunities that they have reaped for most of their young lives. Their homeland citizens also have dreams to be fulfilled.

It is “pay-back time”, in my opinion, not time for hand-outs for more.

P.S. What are the ages of these 200,000 California Dreamers? And what is the age of the youngest child still qualified as a “Dreamer”?
Glenda Johnson
Santa Clarita

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