Jonathan Smith: What I learned from my first NFL game

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It finally happened.

Not exactly at the place I thought, but I can’t be picky.

On Sunday, I saw my first National Football League game when the Los Angeles Rams took on the Washington Redskins.

The game had its thrills and chills, however not as exciting as a USC overtime win at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Unfortunately, the game did not end in a win for the home team. The Rams lost 27-20.

I learned a lot during the three-plus hours sitting in the Coliseum. So I thought I’d just write it up to commemorate this monumental experience.

Just win

The Rams – and the Los Angeles Chargers – have a lot to do to get those fans in the seats. Los Angeles doesn’t like losers, and if you saw any photos of Sunday’s game, you can tell they won’t show up just to be there.

The section I sat in Sunday had fans, but most of them were Redskins fans. Up higher than me were empty seats.

The NFL experience is not going to sell fans out here. These teams need to start winning and winning fast.

Chargers couldn’t sell out an American soccer stadium, so if they keep losing there won’t be any fans in their new, state-of-the-art stadium.

Football is expensive

Well, I knew that already, but $15 for a tall can of Bud Light? Maybe cheaper drinks and food might get more fans in the stands.

Washington’s name

There’s a time for everything and a season for everything.

So, maybe it’s just time to change the name of the popular football team. The copyrighted name and logo are offensive to Native Americans.

And you would expect a team that calls America’s capitol home to realize an error like that and correct it.

This is not a “don’t say or buy Redskins rant.” But fans could have been a little bit more civil when dealing with people with opposite opinions.

On the walk to the stadium, my buddy and I passed several protesters with signs and blow horns.

A Washington fan decided to curse out the protesters, who responded back with rants of their own.

None of that was called for on both sides, especially since people brought their families.

The fan then proceeded down the pathway to the stadium. I overheard him tell a friend that you shouldn’t make a football game political.

He’s wrong. The fight for change should always be right now. Best to voice your voice before someone takes it away from you.

The Rams’ play

The Rams, most of the time, looked like a good team. Quarterback Jared Goff was able to move the offense and it seems running back Todd Gurley pounded the ball.

Barring the late interception throw, the Rams might have come back to win the game.


Overall, my first game was a nice experience that I should remember until my next game. I just have to make sure I bring more cash next time.

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