Mason Nesbitt: A goodbye and a thank you


I cleaned out my cabinet, packed up my pictures and wracked my brain for how to start one final column.

I’d hoped to rattle off stories of epic football games. I’d hoped to entertain with funny anecdotes. I’d hoped to pen something meaningful.

Instead, I stared at my screen.

But if I’ve learned anything in four years at The Signal, it’s that in these moments all I can do is start typing. All I can do is push forward and hope when deadline hits I’ve pieced together something worth reading.

I guess, really, I’ve learned a few things at the paper.

I learned not to stress over managing the community calendar (my only task in the beginning).

I learned the importance of a nut graph (thanks, Luke Money).

I learned that if a boss comes down hard on you, it doesn’t mean they don’t care (thank you, Cary Osborne, for holding me to a high standard).

I learned that a boss can also be one of your best friends (thanks, Dan Agnew).

Over the years, I’ve learned swimming from Hart coach Steve Neale and softball from Saugus coach Julie Archer.

I learned not to call Hart football coach Mike Herrington after 8 p.m., and I learned he’s far kinder than his sometimes stern exterior.

I learned AP Style from Signal Editor Lila Littlejohn, and tact from my mentor Craig Leener.

I learned that writing at a daily paper is a lot like playing baseball. Many days you won’t hit a home run (sometimes not even a double), but there’s always tomorrow.

Now, though, as far as my tenure at The Signal goes, there is no tomorrow.

I’m taking a position as sports information director at my alma mater, The Master’s University, and Friday was my final shift.

I will miss the coaches most. There are too many to name, but Hart softball’s Steve Calendo and Valencia football’s Larry Muir were especially good to me.

I’d like to thank my family and my fiancée, Sabrina, for their support. Signal Editor Jason Schaff, too.

I’d like to thank the Santa Clarita Valley for lessons in writing, in sports and in life.

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