Rents in Santa Clarita now cost the same as New York City

Houses in the Santa Clarita Valley near Copper Hill Drive. Katharine Lotze/Signal
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Santa Clarita rent costs and temperatures both rose steadily in August.

Rents increased in the city by 0.6 percent since the last month and 6.6 percent since this time last year, according to Apartment List.

The median one-bedroom in the city costs $1,940 a month and a two-bedroom costs $2,490.

It costs the same to rent a two-bedroom in New York City, albeit apartments in New York run considerably smaller in size.

Since a dip in January, this is the seventh month in a row Santa Clarita has seen a rent increase.

Across California, rent costs have increased by 4.5 percent since August 2016.

The national average is $1,160 for a two-bedroom. Costs have increased in the country by 3.0 percent since last year.

Los Angeles’ rents increased 0.5 percent since July and 5.0 percent since last August.

Rent in Los Angeles runs a median cost of $1,350 for a one-bedroom and $1,740 for a two-bedroom.

Long Beach saw similar prices to Los Angeles, where a one-bedroom is also $1,350 and a two-bedroom is $1,730. Costs in Long Beach have increased 0.3 percent since last month and 3.8 percent since last year.

The least expensive rent listed for Los Angeles County is in Pomona, where a one-bedroom is $1,150 and a two-bedroom is $1,470. The city has seen a 0.4 percent rent increase since last month and a 10.5 percent increase since last year.

Santa Clarita ranks near the top of most expensive California cities for a two-bedroom, as San Francisco costs $3,070 and San Jose costs $2,580.

Pasadena is the only city in the metro area that has seen a year-over-year drop in rent, as costs have decreased 0.5 percent since August 2016. Though, the cost for a one-bedroom is $1,590 and a two-bedroom is $2,040 and rents increased 0.3 percent since last month.

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