Bill Bolde to lead Career Services at The Master’s University

Retired Saugus High School Principal Bill Bolde speaks at a retirement ceremony held in his honor on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2017. Danny Diaz/For The Signal

Bill Bolde, former principal of Saugus High School, was officially named Executive Director of Community Relations and Career Services at The Master’s University (TMU) Friday.

“I’m extremely pleased to join such a fantastic collegiate community in Santa Clarita,” Bolde said.  “They [TMU] have been wanting to do some things on the university to expand their recognition not just in Santa Clarita, but globally across the nation.”

In this newly-created position, Bolde will lead the university’s efforts in career development and job placement for TMU students by working with community leaders, businesses, organizations and other school campuses throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.

“Over the years one of our major weaknesses has been in the area of career services and placement so we’re really going to put some resources into that to improve the area,” said John Stead, TMU’s senior vice president and provost.  “We see this as a major step forward for the university and we are very excited that Bill would consider taking on this opportunity.”

Bolde said he has been given the freedom from Stead to define his role both on campus and in the community, while raising the prevalence of TMU on a global scale.

“What I imagine is I have a number of jobs,” Bolde said.  “I’m going to be out in the community… working with different corporations and business and shaking hands with folks to figure out how we can work together to develop opportunities for people coming out of The Master’s University.”

Bolde will also work with students directly to prepare them to find internships, job-shadowing opportunities and career pathways after college.

“In the Career Services Department, I expect to conduct surveys and have consultations with students about their interests,” he said.  “My job is all about, ‘How can I help them get them to where they want to be?'”

Bolde was first approached to join the TMU staff about five years ago when they were looking for someone to head its education department.

“At the time I felt I still had many things to do at Saugus High School,” Bolde said.

About six to nine months ago, Bolde started conversations with the university again which offered him the executive director position.

“He has been a faithful leader in the Hart District for over 30 years… He has a wealth of relationships in dealing with the community, the business community and the educational community,” Stead said.  “He’s also a strong supporter for the Master’s University and in terms of the spiritual development of our young people as well, so he’s a perfect fit for this position.”

The news of Bolde’s new position also comes about six months after he announced his retirement from Saugus High School, after 14 years as the school’s principal and 32 years in the William S. Hart Union High School District.

He noted that this work at Saugus High School creating relationships in the community is something that has prepared him for his new role at TMU.

“It’s the byproduct of what I’ve been doing for years and it’s fundamental to what I’m doing at The Master’s University,” Bolde said.  “If you want to be a great school institution, you have to have great teachers and great relationships with parents… If you want to be really extraordinary you go out into the community.”

Bolde will officially begin his work at TMU Tuesday, as he begins his work as Executive Director of Community Relations and Career Services.

“I am moving from one fantastic family at Saugus High School and the Hart District… I loved every minute being part of that school and in that district,” he said.  “I’m now getting the opportunity to do something just as, or more, special joining the family at Master’s University.”

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