Happy Birthday Dr. Baumgartner

Dr. Rex Baumgartner. Courtesy photo

By Dr. Shimada, Community Contributor


Dr. Rex Baumgartner,

What can we say?

You’ve been there for us,

Fighting our tooth decay


For over 3 decades,

You’ve kept our smiles goin’

Because of your commitment,

We dedicate this birthday poem


Happy 70th birthday,

You truly are the best!

SCV appreciates your service

And all the samples of Crest!


With an office of just women,

Your patience is plenty

That’s why Holly’s worked with you

Since before she was twenty


You’ve been our steadfast dentist,

Showing us how to brush and floss

Happy Birthday to a great father,

Grandfather, and boss!


Happy birthday to you

From Debbie and Dee

And from Verissa and Holly

And Judy and Julie!


Also from Amanda,

Lisa, Diane, and Loreli

And from the man in the lab

Good ol’ JP


And last, but not least,

To wrap up this whole enchilada

Thank you for everything

Yours truly, Dr. Shimada!



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