Two condo developments to be approved by council

City of Santa Clarita City Hall

Between two properties, Santa Clarita’s city council is set to approve the tract maps for over 100 new condominium units at their meeting on Tuesday.

Approving the maps allows the land owner to proceed with building, according to Shannon Pickett, a senior engineer with the city.

“The schedule is dictated by the owner or developer,” Pickett said. “It’s driven by the economy. Neither (project) went forward with development until now because both were caught in the economic downturn.”

The first group of condos is located east of the intersection of Camino del Arte Drive and Copper Hill Drive, south of West Creek Community Park.

There will be 92 condos located on 11.13 acres of land.

The Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning approved the map in May 2008 and the property was annexed to the city of Santa Clarita in November 2016.

Santa Clarita’s Planning Commission approved the tentative map of the condos in February.

On a much smaller project, a map for nine condos is set to be approved on Golden Valley Road east of Robert C. Lee Parkway on 4.16 acres of land.

Planning commissioners approved the map in September 2007.

For Councilwoman Laurene Weste, the priority in building is allowing locals to be able to afford quality homes. Now, the economy is in a place where people are ready to buy, she said.

“It is a balancing act,” Weste said. “We are trying to build sustainable, quality homes and meet the aspirations of how Santa Clarita wants to look, live and feel in our future.”

There is a lot of pressure on cities from the state of California to build more homes, according to Weste.

In some recent cases, the state is imposing a fee for units that are not built where they believe they should be because of the housing shortage, she said. Weste feels that the planning for developments should remain a city issue.

“They are mandating that we accommodate our area growth,” Weste said.

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