High winds send freeway sign through windshield of passing truck

A CHP officer tends to the victim of a freak accident near Interstate 5 and Calgrove Boulevard. Austin Dave/The Signal

High winds are to blame for a freeway sign sailing through the windshield of a pickup truck near the Newhall Pass Monday morning, a CHP official confirmed.

The incident unfolded on the northbound lanes of Interstate 5 about a half-mile south of Weldon Canyon Road at about 10:20 a.m.

A freeway sign had detached itself from its post and high winds carried it into traffic lanes.

The wind kicked the sign up and through the windshield of a passing Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, according to Officer Sean Breen of the California Highway Patrol.

The truck pulled to the side of the road and was taken off the freeway at Calgrove Boulevard.

The truck’s driver was reported to be in good condition with possible minor injuries from shattered glass.

Breen advised drivers traveling on local highways to exercise caution and maintain a high visual horizon. The officer also recommended motorists look far ahead of where they’re driving and to always be looking for horizons.

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