Richard Myers: The Newhall Ranch effect

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just read Bill Allen’s December 22 editorial, Newhall Ranch provides model for area growth, and as I was reading it I was thinking, “who the heck is Bill Allen and why in the world does he think that this project is so wonderful.”

Then I got to the end and read, “Bill Allen is CEO of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation” and I understood. It could be—money!

Pay no attention to the fact that when all of these lovely new dwellings are occupied, some of the people will need to drive to work. The traffic problems will be monumental. But not to worry, whether they are going to Ventura or the San Fernando Valley, they can always leave just a few hours ahead of time.

Actually those hours “ahead of time” will become just their regular hours. In the future, if you ask them where they live they might just answer, “in my car” and they’d be quite correct.

And don’t you fret one bit about that fact that these people drink—water. They bathe in—water. They wash dishes and clothes in—water. And, while they are allowed, will wet their lawns with—water. So what?

We have a limitless supply of water. We do, don’t we?

Finally, there has been some talk by some that the projects may harm our little river in some way. Come on, it’s just a river.

Richard Myers

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