Sheriff’s arrest two suspects in possession of drugs and stolen identities

A Crime Impact Team and Crime Prevention Unit operation led to a pair of early morning arrests this past week,

The Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department arrested two male and female suspects on Friday morning that were in possession of narcotics, paraphernalia, and stolen identities, according to a Facebook post made by the Sheriff’s.

The arrest came as a result of a “theft prevention operation” carried out by the Crime Impact Team and the Crime Prevention Unit.

“At this time it’s still under investigation,” said Lt. Bauer of the SCV Sheriff’s Department. “We are not prepared to release any information until our detective lieutenant has completed their investigation.”

Deputies made contact with the two suspects as they sat in a parked car “near a drug store” on Newhall Ranch Rd.

Lt. Bauer further described what exactly the CIT and CPU team’s actually do.

“That team itself is designated to respond to incidents that have been identified as crimes in the community that normally would not fall into the purview of our patrol deputies,” he said.

“If there are any type of crimes that show a pattern of behavior that link to certain people that are consistently committing crimes over and over again in the community, then our Crime Prevention Unit and Crime Impact Team identifies those individuals and actually tracks them down and arrests them if they can.”

Bauer explained that the CIT and CPU teams also conduct “probation and parole searches” on people that have already been released from jail or prison to make sure that they are satisfying their court order requirements.

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