Crime Blotter: Saugus


Petty Theft – 28100 block of Juneda Drive

A suspect stole the fog lights from the victim’s 2014 Toyota Camry that was parked on the street.

Vehicle Burglary – 21500 block of Quinn Place 

An unknown suspect punched the victim’s door lock to gain entry to the vehicle. The suspect stole binoculars and a scope from the vehicle.

Theft from Vehicle – 22400 block of Poplar Street 

During early morning hours, suspects broke the rear window of the victim’s 2014 Suburban and stole the third row seat.

Attempted Thefts from Vehicles – 29200 block of Discovery Ridge 

Suspects attempted to steal the third row seats on two separate 2007 Denali’s parked on the street. The suspects were unable to remove the seats due to them being secured by a cable lock.

Residential Burglary – 27900 block of Caraway Lane 

The victim heard a loud noise in her garage. She went into her garage to investigate the noise and saw a male suspect standing in her garage.  The suspect fled the location and got into a vehicle that was parked down the street. The suspect kicked open the side garage door to gain entry.


Source: SCV Sheriff’s Station

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