Hit and run victims searching for driver who damaged their vehicle

Photo courtesy of Veronica Mapue.
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Two Canyon Country residents are looking for a suspected hit and run driver after noticing their car had been crashed into while parked on the corner of Claudette Street and Golden Triangle Rd. on Monday, Jan. 1

“Apparently it was a hit and run because they didn’t leave a note,” said Veronica Mapue, owner of the damaged Honda CRV.

Veronica’s husband, Ricardo, had gone out to the car at around 11 p.m. and noticed their vehicle had been crashed into. The Mapue’s then surveyed the neighborhood to look for any potential witnesses and found one neighbor who described seeing a black Chevy Camaro crashing into the Mapue’s car and fleeing the scene.


Photo courtesy of Veronica Mapue.

The witness said the collision took place at around 7:30 or 8 p.m. but they were unable to get a license plate number or driver description, according to Veronica Mapue.

“We called the police and they said that they can’t do anything because they need a license plate number,” she said.

Unfortunately, the Mapue’s liability insurance policy will not cover the damages and are asking their fellow Santa Clarita residents to help their search for the hit and run driver.

If anyone has seen a damaged vehicle matching the description of a black Chevy Camaro or who saw the incident, the Mapue’s ask that you contact them at 661-373-4678 or contact the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department.

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