Santa Clarita CPA Laura Troost ‘goes that extra mile’


When the calendar turns each year, Laura Troost’s life takes a turn, too.

Her days get longer. The paperwork accumulates. Her calculator gets a workout.

“I can stay busy all year,” Troost said, “but the bulk of my work happens right now.”

One of the Santa Clarita Valley’s leading certified public accountants – she’s attained the highest level of licensure in California and is a member of three especially prominent professional associations, including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants – Troost has succeeded over the last two years in building her own practice following a distinguished career at one of the region’s top CPA firms.

Through her home-based operation, Troost provides tax and financial accounting services for businesses and individuals as well as audit, tax and litigation support consulting services to other CPA firms.

“I really want to help people understand what’s happening with their money, because they’re paying a lot to the government and they should know what they’re paying and why they’re paying it,” Troost said. “And if there’s anything they can do to keep more of their money, I want to help them find it. Everybody needs to pay their fair share, we know that, but you shouldn’t pay more than your fair share.”

A graduate of California State University, San Bernardino, where she majored in business administration with an emphasis in accounting, Troost said she has long enjoyed the rewards of her work. While some fear tax time – that is, after all, why many of us seek professional assistance leading to the annual filing deadline in April – Troost sees opportunities to answer questions, improve business-making decisions and reduce stress.

“I’ve met so many wonderful people in town and to watch so many businesses grow, I like that,” said Troost, whose husband, David, is also a CPA. They parent three children: Tyler, a college-aged daughter studying journalism at Arizona State University; Blaine, a freshman at Valencia High School, where he plays on the drum line; and Myava, an elementary schooler who takes on an important role during tax season.

“She’s my big helper, because she runs the shred machine,” Troost said with a laugh.

Troost’s clients appreciate her dedication.

In a testimonial on her website at, Jorge and Marlene Anschultz of A to Z Veterinary Services wrote: “Laura Troost is amazing at what she does!! She not only knows her stuff but she makes you feel (confident) in every aspect of your finances. She goes that extra mile to help, support, explain and organize every detail of our finances. I am a person who dreads this time of year and going over my personal and business books. Laura makes it simple, detailed and comfortable all while helping us understand every aspect of our numbers. We wouldn’t use anyone else!”

In another testimonial, Brian and Lindsay Schlick of SchlickArt wrote: “Laura is a straight-forward, honest, and caring CPA. She answers all of our questions in a way that helps us understand the complicated tax situations of our personal returns and business needs. We are so happy knowing we can trust Laura with our taxes year after year.”

With much of her time committed to helping local families and businesses unwind their unique tax situations, Troost knew she needed help of her to own to develop and grow a stronger presence for her business on Facebook, one of the primary digital platforms for business networking and engagement.

That’s why she turned to Signal Digital Solutions.

“The team has been wonderful, plus they send me everything to review before they post it, which I really appreciate because it’s my name and my reputation,” said Troost, who is also a member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants and the National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives.

She added, “I really like the tone of the content, too. What they decide to post sounds like me, and that’s because they took the time to get to know me.”

To schedule a free initial consultation with Troost, submit an email through her website or call 661-886-5967.

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