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As I mentioned in an earlier column, we just had our first grandchild back in June.  With the initial newness wearing off, it may be fun to look at the journey thus far.

Mathew and his parents live in Las Vegas but I don’t mind the 4.5 hour drive.  It helps me catch up on the many amazing podcasts out there.  I view it as a learning time although I must admit to a guilty pleasure of listening to a serial killer show.  

The drive is generally enjoyable except for that section of Pear Blossom Highway that I insist on driving the speed limit because I got burned for speeding one time driving 5 mph over the limit in the old green Honda.

Yeah, you may be angry at me but I am not feeding the Lancaster CHP any more of my money.


I always heard about the joys of being a grandparent but now I am beginning to understand.  We get to play with the little bugger all evening, get him hyped up on sugar and treats, then dump him back on his parents.  Its heaven!


We haven’t had to deal with the discipline issue yet since he’s only 6 months old.  I’m thinking that we will try our best to maintain order but if he wants to go out in the backyard with the Red-Ryder air rifle, a big Bowie knife, and a brick of firecrackers, so be it.

Heck, grandpa will go out there with him.  Note to child protective services: this is a joke!  Relax! The gun is actually a Winchester.

The Lunetta Ranchero is a smaller horse property up in Placerita Canyon. 

Mathew will have many adventures in the back yard digging for pirate treasure, hunting tigers, and preventing alien invasions.  Our house will be a place for the imagination.

Will we have some electronic games?  Maybe.  Don’t know about that part yet.  Kids spend too much time on those things these days.  We want Mathew to look at our wall and ask why there is a picture of a cattle drive (your great-great-grandmother painted that).

When he looks at the old 1890 “King Nitro” double barreled shotgun with hammer action, we can tell him that this is the family shotgun that great grandma once tried to kill great grandpa with- they narrowly got it wrestled away from her in time.

He can also ask the meaning of the sign that says “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.  He can hear about our core Christian beliefs, the principles and convictions that guide us, and possibly be influenced to follow them as he travels through life.

He will sit on our laps as we read to him.  Odd as that may sound in this electronic and digital age, I learned many things sitting on the lap of my grandpa and grandma.  Wisdom is imparted in such moments and I hope little Mathew will be open to listening.

My grandpa was missing a finger on his right hand.  The story goes that he fell through a bridge when he was a kid and reached out to prevent the fall into the icy waters below.  His one finger caught in the wood and was unable to stop his fall.  

Years later, I still think of my grandpa’s hand when I see a rickety bridge.  I caution myself to know where I am walking before trying to cross.  It’s a lesson from which I have benefitted greatly.

Mathew’s grandpa is a little crazy.  I am a huge comic book movie fan and am especially taken with Spiderman, the every-man’s hero.  My staff knows this and gave me a full Spiderman costume with one for little Matty.  We took pictures of us together as Spidermen.

He’ll hopefully treasure that picture in the future.

My favorite picture is one of Mathew and Trish asleep together.  Trish had to babysit him one afternoon and was thoroughly worn out by the end.  She told me “I don’t know how his Mom does this every day.”  We’re not as young as we once were, my love.

I am excited for his future and, Lord willing, we will get to be beside him every step of the way.  A grandchild is truly a blessing.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and is going to be one of “those” annoying grandparents.  He can be reached at [email protected].

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