Crime Blotter: Saugus

file photo. flashing SCV Sheriff Station patrol lights.
02/01/18 Burglary – 20300 block of Calhaven Drive  A former employee was arrested at the location for burglary and theft of utilities. The suspect was able to gain entry to the location due to the fact he never returned his keys to his employer. 02/02/18 Burglary – 22500 block of Soledad Canyon Road  There were two box trucks parked at the location that were broken into, and several tools were stolen. 02/02/18 Theft by Trick or Device – 26500 block of Bouquet Canyon Road  Suspect(s) entered the location and switched price tags on several items. They purchased the items and later returned the items for the full price. The suspects are still outstanding.   Source: SCV Sheriff’s Station