Environmental club brings life back to burn area


Walker Ranch received a makeover on Saturday when Canyon High School’s environmental club, Eco-Chicos, volunteered their time to help plant new trees in the burned areas left behind by the Sand Fire.

Dennis Yong, AP Environmental Science teacher at Canyon High, and the advisor for Canyon’s Environmental Club, gathered close to 30 volunteers to help the City of Santa Clarita plant new trees.

With shovels in hand, the Eco-Chicos planted 500 trees in three hours.

“Since the fire that happened a couple years ago there was a bunch of trees that were burned down so we had to plant some,” said Patrick King, president of the Eco-Chico’s.

“There was a volunteer opportunity and we took that opportunity.”

The Eco-Chicos are known for staying busy in the community when it comes to environmentally friendly activities, this time, getting their hands dirty to plant hundreds of saplings, bringing life back to a ecosystem in need.

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Yong
Photo Courtesy of Dennis Yong

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