Local child to make acting debut during Super Bowl

Caroline Hughes, 5, on the set of her debut commercial for Hyundai, set to air during Super Bowl Sunday. Photo courtesy of Paul Hughes.

While millions of Americans will gather around their TV sets to watch the New England Patriots try to make chicken wings out of the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, one home in Santa Clarita will be watching for a different reason.

At the Hughes residence, the family of six will invite friends and family to watch the youngest member of the house, Caroline Hughes, give her debut broadcast performance.

In a car commercial for Hyundai, a little league soccer official arrives in a hurry on Super Bowl Sunday with a plan to give every player a red card for reasons like “being too cute” or having “tiny legs” and quickly end the game.

“But I don’t know how to tie my shoes,” says little Caroline Hughes in a close-up shot, before she is also ejected from the field.

The commercial is set to air on the most watched television event of the year.

“I seriously doubt she understands what’s happening right now. Maybe when she sees that we have the whole party set up for tomorrow… maybe that’ll help,” said Amy Hughes.

Her proud father has set up a red carpet and lights for his little star, and when the commercial goes live, the house will erupt in cheer.

Caroline Hughes sleeps on the set of a Hyundai commercial shoot for an ad set to air during Super Bowl LII. Photo courtesy of Paul Hughes.

The television debut comes as a much welcome distraction for the Hughes family, as Caroline’s older sister, Cheyenne Hughes, has been fighting an ongoing battle with cancer.

“Ironically (they filmed the commercial) the day after one of (Cheyenne’s) surgeries but she pulled it off like a boss. She did a great job,” said Amy Hughes.

Cheyenne, a student at Golden Valley High School, has been battling cancer for nearly seven years as well as a genetic disorder called Familial Adenomatous Polyposis but has remained strong with the odds stacked against her.

“She’s super super excited about Caroline,” said Amy Hughes of her daughter Cheyenne. “She loves to be on Youtube, that’s like her favorite thing… so it’s pretty exciting to see her baby sister on Youtube on a commercial,” she said.

Even though little Caroline Hughes cannot yet tie her shoes, she has started off her acting career on one of the biggest stages possible and has her own Facebook page to keep her new fans updated on her blossoming career.

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