Child and Family Center to host workshop on domestic abuse law March 27

"A Woman's Way to the Law," an informative workshop from the Child and Family Center, is scheduled for March 27.

The laws surrounding the tragedy of domestic violence are more complex than many realize, officials said Friday.

In order to raise awareness and educate men and women on the topic, the Child and Family Center’s Domestic Violence Program is hosting a workshop on the laws and legal options surrounding harassment and abuse.

“A Woman’s Way to the Law” is an informative workshop set to cover important topics such as civil vs. criminal legal systems, differences in various types of protective orders and more.

The Child and Family Center is holding this workshop to empower women by showing them what their options are regarding domestic violence, harassment, and more.

“We had a lot of people reaching out to us surrounding the whole ‘Me Too’ movement,” said Linda Davies, the Child and Family Center’s division director of the Domestic Violence Program, regarding why the center decided to hold the workshop.

Davies also explained why she thinks most women need a better understanding of their rights, “I don’t really think that women know what our rights are. We think that sheriffs can do certain things in the whole ‘he said she said’ situation.”

The workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Savia Community Building, located on 23780 Newhall Ave.

Those looking for more information can contact Linda Davies at the center’s Domestic Violence Program at 661-250-8175.

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