Sulphur Springs Board to review district’s budget

Sulphur Springs Union School District administrative offices. Nikolas Samuels/The Signal

Changes to the Sulphur Springs Union School District’s budget, including updates to future state funding and student enrollment, are expected to be reviewed by the district’s Governing Board Wednesday.

During the past eight years, the Sulphur Springs district experienced a continuous decline in enrollment, resulting in the loss of 419 students districtwide. This also impacted average daily attendance, the main factor that determines state funding, during the same time.

However, in the upcoming years, the district could see enrollment increase from its current number of 5,394 students due to future growth and residential developments.

“The Vista Canyon Project will impact a few schools like Pinetree and Sulphur Springs,” Governing Board President Ken Chase said. “We have the Aliento Project, which is going to increase enrollment around Golden Oak. That school is built mainly for that project, but with the delay we’re now going to start feeling the impact of that.”

Previous delays in residential development, like those in the Aliento Project, are causing the district to remain conservative in their approach to enrollment increases. The district is choosing to use current numbers to anticipate enrollment of 5,394 students in 2018-19 and 2019-20.

“Previous experience with anticipated growth which failed to materialize and necessitated deep budgetary cuts give the district reason to be cautious in incorporating these increases in out-year project projections,” the report read.

Additional changes include potential increases to the Local Control Funding Formula, the district’s main source of state funding, because of Gov. Jerry Brown’s January Budget Proposal that fully implements the state’s new funding formula.

“Obviously more money gives us more options in what we can do,” Chase said. “That change would be in next year’s budget, we have to see what comes out in the May Revise.”

Additional Agenda Items:

  • Adopt board policies and administrative regulations: Bids and Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Procedures
  • Hear an update about the issuance of $19 million Community Facilities District No. 2006-1 bonds
  • Hear information about office access systems at each school site
  • Approve the district’s Comprehensive School Safety Plans
  • Approve 2018 SCV Education Foundation Teacher Tribute Sponsorship
  • Approve Title 1 Crate technologies service agreement for 2018-19 to collect, organize and validate all federal programs, as well as district, state and ESSA requirements

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