A Mystical Night

Artwork by Saugus resident and author Naomi Young. Courtesy photo

By Naomi Young, Saugus Community Contributor


Night fell upon the city; winds

had spread their wings.

An awful silence suddenly came

over the city of Jerusalem.


I am standing here in awe and fear

breathing in its holy atmosphere,

looking at red and white flickering lights

on this dark and mystical night.

The lights are dancing from one light post to another

as if whispering ancient secrets to each other,

trying to tell its legendary story,

about my city’s myths and history

and her most magnificent glory.


I’m stepping on the footsteps of mystics and pilgrims

prophets and Kings Supremes,

In a city with shattered hopes,

captivated in her dreams…


What is the alluring mystery of this city?

Her intoxicating golden beauty

that even with God’s grace on her, for eternity

still knows no peace, knows no pity.


I pray that someday I will come home

to this place I’ve known since I was born,

that its walls will tell in so many words

only about long ago wars,

arrows, heroes, spears and swords.


My wish that winds of love, promise and changes

will whisper and spread to people of all ages

and peace will come to this place, known as God’s throne

to Jerusalem, my home,

the City of Peace, the City of Shalom”.


Tonight, I’m standing before you my Lord

humble and lost for words,

eternally grateful for this most

mystical night in the world.

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