USDA unveils new interactive map in the fight against the opioid crisis

A screenshot shows the interactive map to access opioid prevention, recovery and treatment programs across the country. States with green stars will display the different programs they offer/ Ryan Mancini The Signal

In an effort to combat the opioid crisis, the United States Department of Agriculture launched an interactive map to help engage with people across the country on how to help prevent, treat and recover from opioid use, according to a news release.

The interactive map provides visitors with steps and techniques being implemented in rural communities across the country. Model practices were collected by the USDA from regional opioid misuse rountables through use of the interactive map. More information is gathered by filling out the “What’s working in your town?” form, which visitors have the option of accessing.

“Leaving no community untouched, the opioid epidemic has taken a monumental toll on many of the small towns and rural places that are the heartbeat of our country,” said Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett. “USDA is a strong partner to rural leaders in addressing this issue through programs for prevention, treatment and recovery, as well as programs that build rural resilience and prosperity for the future.”

According to the USDA website, the roundtable process is ongoing, having occurred in Pennsylvania, Utah, Kentucky and Oklahoma, with the final roundtable in Maine on Jul 11.

Using the interactive map, there is access to projects in 12 US states working to prevent opioid deaths and addiction. As of this writing, the state of California is not among those 12 states.

For access to the interactive map, go to their website. To contribute information on how your community is enacting methods of prevention, treatment and recovery, go to the “What’s working in your town?” form here.

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