County cracking down on construction material dumping

Trash found dumped along Highway 138 between Gorman and Neenach. photo for The Signal by Jeff Zimmerman.

As construction continues so does the illegal dumping of building materials in the north end of the county.

The recent phenomenon has prompted the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to step up its anti-dumping efforts and come down hard on polluters.

“We’ve noticed some escalation of illegal dumping in the north end of the county,” Tony Bell, spokesman for county Supervisor Kathryn Barger, said Tuesday.

“Now we’re on full-scale attack mode,” he said.

“We’ve noticed construction materials being dumped (presumably) because the dumping fees are too high,” Bell said. “It’s not just old mattresses being dumped. We’re seeing more and more construction materials and even mulch being dumped.”

Two weeks ago, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted in favor of a motion put forward by Barger to have officials with the Public Works Department and the Public Health Department, among other agencies, report back to the board within 45 days with a plan of action that addresses illegal dumping.

Specifically, she asked for a coordinated action plan that would include stepped-up enforcement, an assessment of what spending is needed and incentives for residents and businesses to dispose of waste legally.

“I am very concerned about the increase of illegal dumping, particularly in the Antelope Valley,” Barger wrote in a message posted on her web page. “Illegal dumping is a blight on the community that erodes the quality of life for our residents.”

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