Department of Toxic Substance Control offers website to follow Whittaker-Bermite Cleanup

Empty dump trucks pull into a soil treatment area to pick up clean dirt as viewed on tour of the clean-up efforts of the Whittaker/Bermite site in Valencia in October. Dan Watson/The Signal

During a multi-jurisdictional meeting Wednesday, stakeholders in charge of cleaning up the contaminated land of the Whittaker-Bermite property mentioned that interested parties could follow the progress of the project on the State’s Envirostar website.

The website offers tracking on cleanup, permitting, enforcement and investigation efforts at hazardous waste facilities and sites with known contamination or sites where there may be reasons to investigate further, according to the website.

Jose Diaz, a senior senior project manager for the Department of Toxic Substances Control, who has been overseeing the cleanup for several years, recently made a call to a “sister agency” to speed along the paperwork. This progress can be tracked on the website with the tools made available.

Upon first visit to the website, Envirostar offers users a tour of the site’s functions and how to look up the Whittaker-Bermite cleanup.

“We are 85 percent complete, and I’m very, very happy to tell you that,” said Hassan Amini, project manager with the cleanup firm Amec Foster Wheeler, pointing to an overhead map of the Whittaker-Bermite site, during Wednesday’s meeting.

The Whittaker-Bermite cleanup is expected to be completed by the end up of the year, Amini said during a meeting earlier this year.

For more information or to track the progress through Envirostar, visit

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