Pets are reimagined on canvases at “Paint Your Pet”

Christina Newman paints her cat Midnight, layering his face with shadows before adding color. Ryan Mancini/The Signal
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Holding a brush in one hand and a plastic cup of wine in the other, guests at Painting with a Twist brought photos of their pets to life with vibrant colors Saturday afternoon.

Over a dozen participants sat for “Paint Your Pet” by using several painting techniques in replicating the appearances of their beloved pets.

“We draw on the canvas for them so they don’t have to worry about drawing the pet,” said Molly Eschbacher, who regularly teaches children how to paint.

Artists followed a step-by-step process with Painting with a Twist’s manager, Catt Stine, who instructed how to brush shadows and what colors to mix in order to replicate the pets’ fur color.

What was a notable first for this group of artists was that one animal stood out from the rest, Eschbacher said. Brandi Dohopolsky painted her sun conure, Tango, a type of parakeet. As the owner of mostly dogs and cats, painting the orange and green Tango was something different, she said.

Tango, a sun conure, is the sole bird and a notable addition to the dogs and cats at “Paint Your Pet” at Painting with a Twist. Ryan Mancini/The Signal

“It’s really cute because it’s very personalized painting, it’s not a sunset or a tree where everyone’s doing the exact same thing,” Eschbacher said. “Each painting is different and special to each person. I love this event.”

Paint Your Pet began last year as one of multiple events through the various Painting with a Twist locations across the country.

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