Two potential homes for Telly’s as Starbucks moves in to Sutter Point Plaza

Sheryl and Chris Sager enjoy a meal at the Telly's resturaunt located on Bouquet Canyon Wednesday afternoon. Telly's is looking to relocate to a new plaza being built in Plum Canyon. Eddy Martinez/The Signal.

In what was a surprise for its owner, workers and guests, Telly’s Charburgers is moving from its location at Bouquet Canyon Road to one of two possible locations — one on Plum Canyon Road or another on Soledad Canyon Road.

A Starbucks will take over Telly’s spot in Sutter Point Plaza and is expected to be up and running by next summer, according to a Facebook post from Crissman Commercial Services, a real estate company.

“We kind of have no choice,” Telly’s owner Cynthia Koutes-Hardy said.

She was surprised to discover the change in location was announced through Facebook.

Tim Crissman, founder and broker for Crissman Commercial, became aware of the location change when he was called separately by Koutes-Hardy and the new property manager, Pegasus Investments. Crissman, who’s known Koutes-Hardy for several years, was also surprised by the announcement.

“The post was done through standard marketing with the assumption that there had been a communication,” said Crissman.

Pegasus Investments did not respond to requests for comment Thursday.

As the property value has increased, the addition of Starbucks to Sutter Point Plaza will meet an increased price in rent, Crissman said. While the deal was finalized on the Starbucks’ location, the “exact players” in the negotiation are unknown, Crissman said.

“Everybody in town knows what’s going on,” Koutes-Hardy said. “I mean, they told me before I knew. I got phone calls (saying), ‘Hey, do you know Starbucks is taking your place? You better start looking for another location.’”

But regular guests who have eaten at Telly’s for 28 years, like Sheryl Sager and her family, say they won’t leave Telly’s side when it moves.

“When the kids were little, with our schedule it was so hectic to cook, and their variety here met everybody’s needs,” Sager said. “So we just kept coming and kept on coming. The food is good, the people are awesome.”

Admiring Telly’s for what it has become and what it means to people, Crissman voiced his support for the restaurant and its owner.

If Telly’s does not go to Skyline Ranch Plaza, which is in development on Plum Canyon Road, it will instead replace the Fosters Freeze location on Soledad Canyon Road, Koutes-Hardy said.

A manager at Fosters Freeze said he was unaware of that possibility on Thursday, and was unable to provide contact information for that location’s property manager.

In the meantime, it remains unclear how soon Telly’s will move. The change in location will either be at some point before or when the lease ends in March 2019, she said.

The Starbucks will have a drive-through, which Koutes-Hardy believes to be the reason why the framework of the restaurant’s structure works. Along with a dining area inside the restaurant, it features a drive-through window.

As the company continues to grow, Starbucks has seen an increase in value by using drive-through service for guests to receive their coffee and other items in a timely fashion, Crissman said.

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