40 Under Forty nominations are out

The 40 Under Forty Gala (pictured from a previous year) scheduled for November is underway as the deadline to submit a nominee is Wednesday, Aug. 1.

The Santa Clarita Valley 40 Under Forty nominees, an annual event recognizing young leaders in the SCV community, were announced Tuesday.

“There’s no set parameter for nominating someone except for honoring someone they feel has impacted them,” said Sharlene Duzick, one of the event’s organizers for the JCI Santa Clarita Valley, which hosts the event. “It could be someone who’s accomplished great things in their careers or someone who overcame trials and tribulations.”

The JCI is a local organization that focuses on leadership development for young adults. It sponsors the event along with the Magazine of Santa Clarita.

Nominees hailing from the Santa Clariva, Antelope or San Fernando Valleys must meet a series of requirements, such as serve in a leadership role, submit two letters of recommendation and not be a past honoree.

The event, in its ninth year, bestows honorees with a free year membership to JCI Santa Clarita, an award plaque and a professional headshot at a discounted rate, according to its website.


The nominees:

Tamer Abdel

Leo Alfaro

Jodie Anders

Kirk Bardin

Brittany Barlog

Joshua Bevan

Vince Bird

Jessica Boyer

Jamie Brewer

Chris Browning

Chris Bughi

Jose Cantillo

Joelyn Caprine

Jillian Causey

Belicia Cespedes

Riley Cline

Cameron Cole

Amanda Csiszar

Elizabeth Culver

Kristina de Bree

Rick de la Rosa

Dawnel de Rubeis

Jayson Dumenigo

Heather Duncan

Scott Edwards

Holly Feneht

Jerrod Ferguson

Ryan Fitzgerald

Kasra Foroutan

Jackie Ganuza Montoya

Shannon Gennaro

Philip Germain

Samantha Gianukakis

Masis Hagobian

Megan Happ

Michael Hale

Karen Hernandez

Katie Hill

Richard Hilstein

Michael Hogan

Kari Hollingsworth

Alexandra Hondel

Adnan Hyder

Kyanna Isaacson

Adam Kaminsky

Michelle Kampbell

Joshua Kaplan

Kayleen Kemp

Jason Kivi

Autumn Koury

Nicole LaCivita

Chase Longan

Amanda Lynch

Christian Makoukdji

Michael Marchesan

Mandy Meeks

Stephanie Mellady

Mayumi Miyasoto

Milana Morfino

Kelsey Muir

Ryan Murphy

Chris Najarro

Matthew Nelson

Mai Nguyen Do

Bonnie Nikolai

Larry Nolan

Amy Nua

Breana Orland

Osiris Pastor

Ivan Pecel

Nicole Platte

Melissa Pennington

Sean Quinn

Kiya Ramsey

Krystina Reyes

Christine Reynolds Inglis

Lexi Rhett

Jose Rojas

Tara Rice Wheatley

Jason Richardson

Robert Romero

Betsy Sanchez

Brittany Sanders

Elias Scarr

Hilary Schardein

Allison Schmidt

James Schramm

Laura Seguin

Jennifer Seyfert

Lindsay Sharbutt

Jesse Vera

Tiffany Verdi

Michael Villegas

Patrick Tatevossian

Carmelo Terranova

Justin Wallace

Bri Waterman

Avery Waymire

Sean Weber

Taylor Williams

Caleb Willis

Nadine Young


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